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SherDeveloped ByJohn de MolDirectorAlan CarterCo-Executive ProducersTeddy Valenti, Kyley TuckerSupervising ProducersAnthea Bhargava, Clyde Lieberman, Brittany Martin Porter, Melysa Lovell Garratt, Bart Kimball, Senior ProducersAmanda Borden, Dan PaschenProducersCarson Daly, Tod Schellinger, Jared Wyso, Hayley Opalek-McSherry, Emily Swedelson (Blinds), Alyson Lippert (Blinds), Supervising Casting ProducerMichelle McNultyConsulting ProducersMelissa Wong, Casey Dale (Blinds), Keith DinielliProduction DesignerAnton GossOff-Stage Production DesignerJames ConnellyLighting DesignerOscar DominguezOriginationLos Angeles, Calif.Produced ByMGM Television, Warner Horizon Unscripted & Alternative Television, ITV Studios The Voice USA, Inc.Format ByITV Studios Netherlands Content BV. As always, the television audience will vote to save their favorite artists. 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In Slayers Revolution, Lina gets arrested on false pretense which later comes leading her on a journey against another incarnation of the Demon Beast Zannafar. [10][11][12] In Slayers Revolution, Lina embarks on pirate hunting after bandits have become an "endangered species". Lina_Raül Refree by Lina_Raül Refree, released 17 January 2020 1. Lina encounters and destroys a part of the Mazoku Lord Shabranigdo with her ultimate Giga Slave spell, which draws power from the Lord of Nightmares,[20] the highest deity of the Slayers universe, but has no plans to ever use it again after almost ending the world. Lina's appearance whilst wearing her homeland's folk clothing in the film Slayers: The Motion Picture is a nod to Ranma Saotome, the titular character from Ranma 1/2, who too (like Lina) is voiced by Megumi Hayashibara in Japanese. Goals 0 / 0. Michelle Ruff is the English dub voice of Lina in Trigun, and Tomoko Ishimura is the Japanese voice. The coaches hear the artists perform but they don't get to see them, thanks to rotating chairs. In the film Slayers Great, a super deformed, giant, toylike fighting golem named "Piko-Piko Lina-chan" is constructed in a distorted image of Lina's that emphasises her kawaii (cute) attributes, much to Lina's dismay and anger as she believed she had been chosen to model for its creation because of her (self-imagined) great beauty. The blocked coach's chair will still turn, however, instead of their lane lighting up with their name, it says "BLOCKED." The Voice Kids is a German reality talent show created by John de Mol and a junior version of The Voice of Germany.Based on the original The Voice Kids of Holland, the show was developed for children between the ages of seven and fifteen years old.It began airing on Sat.1 on April 5, 2013.. not Oriental and set in the world populated only by white people) fantasy saga of Lina Inverse, his friend and the series' illustrator Rui Araizumi took an inspiration for her visual design when he by chance came upon a vintage film with the actress Audrey Hepburn on TV. Was born Jun 30, 1986 - Russia. . In the anime and manga (but not the light novels), Lina recklessly uses overly destructive magic, often with little provocation (though depicted lightheartedly). Kanzaka addressed this by jokingly stating that he is not adept in writing romantic scenes. slo nf for esc 2020. the voice kids 2017. Lina Makhoul is an actress, known for Dr. Karage (2018), Silent Night: A Song for the World (2020) and The Voice Israel (2012). She possesses immense damaging capabilities all throughout the game, but is very fragile. In the science fiction themed Lost Universe, Kanzaka's another media franchise, the traits and personas of Lina and Gourry were mixed together to create its male protagonist, Kain Blueriver. Leave a Reply . - The Voice 2020, Sia Is a Real Gift Performing "Snowman" - The Voice 2020, Payge Tuner's Wildcard Instant Save Performance of Rihanna's "Diamonds" - Voice Results, Bailey Rae's Wildcard Instant Save Performance: Lee Ann Womack "Never Again, Again" - Voice Results, Worth the Wait’s Wildcard Instant Save Performance: “I’m Gonna Love You Through It” - Voice Results, Tanner Gomes’ Wildcard Instant Save Performance of “Pickin’ Wildflowers” - Voice Results, Who Will Win the Wildcard Instant Save? Ave Maria Fadista 12. She received a PhD in History from New York University, and was a postdoctoral and faculty fellow at the Harvard Academy for International and Area… [8][9] In the light novel, manga, film and OVA prequel stories, Lina meets an unhinged and secretive sorceress calling herself Naga the Serpent and maniacally obsessed with Lina, with whom she then travels with and often ends up fighting against during their adventures. Lina and her "Dragon Slave" are also parodied in the 2012 anime series Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions (in the episode "Regret of... the Scriptures of Darkness (Mabinogion)") and in the 2015 American animated series Star vs. the Forces of Evil (in the episode "The Battle for Mewni"). The wizard using it expects this to produce dark and violent version of the two that would side with him and destroy the originals, but the mirror copies turn out sweet, kind, generous, and extremely concerned about the feelings of each other and everyone around them. If no other coach has attempted to steal the artist by the time he/she gets down the stage steps, the artists' coach can push to save them. Editor’s Note: Today we’re excited to feature a Points Interview with Dr. Lina Britto. Mais quelle voix douce et expressive à la fois. Lina has been consistently voiced by Megumi Hayashibara in Japanese, dubbed by Lisa Ortiz in the English version of the TV series and by Cynthia Martinez in the English version of the films and original video animation episodes. The coaches dedicate themselves to developing their team of artists, giving them advice and sharing the secrets of their success, along with help from their celebrity advisers. I’m the voice of Lina, the Mermaid! Although Lina has faced down dragons, monsters, and even dark lords with little fear, the mere mention of Luna's name sends her into terrified hysterics. These artists will each perform a new song that represents why they should earn the save. "The Voice" is a presentation of MGM Television, Warner Horizon Unscripted & Alternative Television and ITV Studios The Voice USA, Inc. A Mulher que já foi tua 4. In spite of her infamy and an underdeveloped body, Lina likes to see herself as a genial, dignified, and beautiful sorceress.[16][17][18]. - The Voice Live Top 17 Results 2020, Cami Clune Performs INXS' Song "Never Tear Us Apart" - The Voice Live Top 17 Performances 2020, Madeline Consoer Sings Lady A's "What If I Never Get Over You" - The Voice Live Top 17 Performances, Worth the Wait Harmonizes The Judds' "Love Is Alive" - The Voice Live Top 17 Performances 2020, Sid Kingsley Performs the Leon Bridges Song "Beyond" - The Voice Live Top 17 Performances 2020, Tamara Jade Performs the Gnarls Barkley Hit "Crazy" - The Voice Live Top 17 Performances 2020, Tanner Gomes Keeps It Country with Luke Combs' "Lovin' On You" - The Voice Live Top 17 Performances, Desz Channels Tina Turner on "What's Love Got to Do With it" - The Voice Live Top 17 Performances, Payge Turner Puts Her Spin on *NSYNC's "It's Gonna Be Me" - The Voice Live Top 17 Performances 2020, John Holiday Croons Frank Sinatra's "Fly Me to the Moon" - The Voice Live Top 17 Performances 2020, Joseph Soul Performs the Bee Gees' "How Deep Is Your Love" - The Voice Live Top 17 Performances 2020, Jim Ranger Performs Lee Brice's Country Tune "Rumor" - The Voice Live Top 17 Performances 2020, Ben Allen Sings Kenny Chesney's "There Goes My Life" - The Voice Live Top 17 Performances 2020, Young Carter Rubin Performs Mariah Carey's "Hero" - The Voice Live Top 17 Performances 2020, Ian Flanigan Sings Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love" - The Voice Live Top 17 Performances 2020, Chloé Hogan Performs the Billie Eilish Song "my future" - The Voice Live Top 17 Performances 2020, Taryn Papa Sings Carly Pearce & Lee Brice's "I Hope You're Happy Now" - The Voice Live Top 17, Bailey Rae Sings the Kenny Rogers Classic "Sweet Music Man" - The Voice Live Top 17 Performances, The Best Performances from the Last Rounds of Knockouts - The Voice 2020, The Coaches Look Ahead to the Start of the Live Playoffs - The Voice Lives 2020, Cami Clune and John Holiday's "Unbelievable" Performances - Voice Knockouts 2020, Taryn Papa Sings Faith Hill's "Cry" - Four-Way Knockout - The Voice Knockouts 2020, Marisa Corvo and Tanner Gomes' Performances Leave Kelly with a Tough Choice - Voice Knockouts 2020, The Coaches Reveal Their Pairings for the Final Round of Knockouts - The Voice Knockouts 2020, Usher Had Too Much Coffee, Blake Dances and More - The Voice Knockouts 2020 Outtakes, We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve our service, perform analytics, personalize advertising, measure advertising performance, and remember website preferences. In one story from the prequels, Lina and Naga are exposed to a mirror that creates an exact opposite of whoever looks in it. The block button prevents a coach from adding a new artist to their team. Voz Amália De Nós Fado rewired and recast. Since the age of four she has loved dancing, playing the piano and singing. During that time, Lina earns her reputation of someone who tracks and destroys numerous bandits for fun and profit, stealing their ill-gotten gains for their own use. Artists who won their battle or were stolen by another coach will advance to the Knockouts.In a new twist for the show, the four artists that were saved by their individual coaches during the Battle Rounds will not automatically advance in the competition. "[18] The voice of Lina Inverse has since remained one of Hayashibara's best known roles. Lina (2020) Short, Drama | 7 May 2020 (USA) Three generations of women deal with the effects of the matriarch's progressing illness. [55][56] Lina's local dubbing also became one of the most popular roles of Emanuela Pacotto in Italy. Leena Courtney Makhoul was born in Toledo, Ohio, U.S, to Arab-Christian parents from Israel. [13], Although she is an adolescent (between 15 and 17[14] years old in most stories), she is an extremely powerful mage, with a great love for money, treasure (especially the magical sort) and food. She grew up in Acre, Israel. Known for voicing Lori. Swimsational! Home; Betking Ethiopian Premier League; Women's Premier League ... Ethiopian Higher League; Women's Second Division; Lina Mohammed. WORLD MUSIC CHARTS EUROPE - YEAR 2020 - No. However, both Gourry and Lina remember that something important had happened between them. If no coach pushes their button, the artist is eliminated from the competition.Also returning this season is the block, which adds another layer of excitement during the Blind Auditions. Lina is also the main protagonists through the entire official series of the non-canonical Slayers role-playing video games from the 1990s, and further appears as a player character or an avatar option in the role-playing video games Heroes Phantasia[22] and Fantasia Re:Build,[23] with Naga in the action video game Magical Battle Arena[24] and in the role-playing video game Valkyrie Anatomia,[25] with Gourry in the role-playing video game La Tale[26] and again in Valkyrie Anatomia,[27] with both Naga and Gourry in the role-playing video game Granblue Fantasy,[28] and with them as well other Slayers main characters in LINE Rangers,[29] Puzzle & Dragons,[30] Tales of the Rays,[31] Overlord: Mass for the Dead,[32] and Ragnarok M (only in China). 1. At this point, the coach's chair will swivel so that he/she can face the artist they selected. According to Kanzaka, Lina and her self-proclaimed rival Naga are the mightiest human magic users in the world of Slayers; while Naga has a larger potential magical capacity, Lina knows the ultimate black magic spells, notably the devastating Dragon Slave,[3] which is her famed signature attack. The coach chairs each have an extra set of buttons with the other three coaches' names. Learn the results of America's vote - and which artist wins it all! Os meus olhos são dois círios 11. Each of the four artists will receive individualized coaching and rehearsals with their coach and a superstar Mega Mentor in preparation for the Four-Way Knockout. Raül framed Lina's voice in analog clouds, with brilliant arrangements and a never-before-tried approach, giving Fado a unique electronic view underlining its universal condition. Her character has been also featured in a range of Slayers merchandise, such as food in the Slayers theme cafe in Tokyo,[33] many various figurines and dolls,[34] including Nendoroid[35] and Dollfie[36] among others,[37][38] licensed cosplay outfits,[39] a perfume line,[40] and even an augmented and virtual reality compatible digital figure.[41]. Lina, le rayon de soleil de cette saison, rechante "Uncover" devant VITAA pour les Sing Off ... "MAIS J'ADORE !" [3][4] According to the NTUT's John Lance Griffith, "To the extent that Lina is an independent, powerful woman ('a girl today' in contrast to the traditional Japanese woman), she follows in the tradition of Western lady knights and sorceresses: the tradition of Spenser's Britomart, of Tolkien's Arwen and Eowyn."[5]. Lina_Raül Refree – Lina_Raül Refree (Portugal/Spain - Glitterbeat Records) . Arne BERG, member of the jury, Norway: The pure emotions in Lina’s voice meets the incredible minimalist instrumentation and production of Raül Refree, reinventing fado and reinterpreting Amalia Rodrigues’ legacy. Meet the best album of the year! Each coach will have one save and one steal in the Battle Rounds. Destino 5. 3rd on JESC 2015. winner of slovenia talent 2010. Games Started 1 / 1. Lina Inverse was born in the fictional country of Zephilia. Gwen Stefani joins Coaches Kelly, John and Blake for Season 19. Biography. In 2020, from Anthony Gramuglia from Comic Book Resources ranked her and Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon as the best anime heroines of the 1990s, describing them as "two fantastic characters who have remained popular and iconic for decades." In the Knockouts, the artists will be paired against a teammate once more, but this time, they will select their own songs to perform individually while their direct competitor watches and waits. Lina and Gourry have traveled with each other ever since they met, and they have been featured in every form of Slayers media that takes place in the timeline after they meet. Lina Makhoul, Actress: Dr. Karage. Receive automatic notifications when The Voice Season 20 release date is announced. - The Voice Live Top 9 Results 2020, Ben Allen's Instant Save Performance of Matt Stell's "Prayed for You" - The Voice Results 2020, Coach John Legend Performs His Song "Wild" - The Voice Live Top 9 Results 2020, Bailey Rae's Instant Save Performance of LeAnn Rimes' "Your Cheatin' Heart" - The Voice Results 2020, Kelly Clarkson and Brett Eldredge Perform "Under the Mistletoe" - The Voice Live Top 9 Results 2020, Cami Clune's Instant Save Performance of Billie Eilish's "when the party's over" - The Voice Results, Ian Flanigan's Instant Save Performance of Travis Tritt's "Anymore" - The Voice Results 2020, Desz Brings the Soul to En Vogue's "Don't Let Go (Love)" - The Voice Live Top 9 Performances, Ian Flanigan Sings Sarah McLachlan's Emotional "Angel" - The Voice Live Top 9 Performances, John Holiday's Signature Voice Shines on Coldplay's "Fix You" - The Voice Live Top 9 Performances, Tamara Jade Performs the Classic Rock Staple "Let It Be" - The Voice Live Top 9 Performances, Bailey Rae Sings the Legendary Ray Charles' "Georgia on My Mind" - The Voice Live Top 9 Performances, Carter Rubin Sings "Rainbow Connection" from The Muppet Movie - The Voice Live Top 9 Performances, Tamara Jade, Ian Flanigan and Ben Allen Sing "Tulsa Time" - The Voice Live Top 9 Performances, Cami Clune Sings Brandi Carlile's Country-Rock Aria "The Joke" - The Voice Live Top 9 Performances, John Holiday, Cami Clune and Bailey Rae Sing Bastille's "Pompeii" - Voice Live Top 9 Performances, Jim Ranger Sings the Harry Nilsson Classic "Without You" - The Voice Live Top 9 Performances, Ben Allen Sings Coach Blake Shelton's "All About Tonight" - The Voice Live Top 9 Performances, Desz, Carter Rubin and Jim Ranger Sing "Will It Go Round in Circles" - Voice Live Top 9 Performances, Coaches Blake, Kelly, John and Gwen Take a Look at the Top 9 Artists - The Voice Lives 2020, The Best Performances from the Beginning of the Live Performances - The Voice 2020, Coach Gwen Stefani and Latin Superstar Mon Laferte Perform "Feliz Navidad" - The Voice 2020, Four-Time Grammy Winner Michael Bublé Performs "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" - The Voice 2020, Coach Blake Shelton Has His Team Sing Backup on "White Christmas" - The Voice 2020, Music Legend Dolly Parton and Country Star Jennifer Nettles Sing "Circle of Love" - The Voice 2020, Season 9 Winner Jordan Smith Performs "Mary, Did You Know?" In the end, one will be named "The Voice" and will receive the grand prize of a recording contract. Foi Deus 9. A slightly adapted version of this story, which resulted in the mirror being destroyed without creating more than the initial copies, served as the basis of the Slayers Special OAV episode "Mirror Mirror". Now, the young Slovenian superstar is wowing judges on a brand new show! Maldição 8. The singers with the lowest number of votes will be sent home each week. Lina Inverse is a young yet very powerful sorceress travelling the world in search of adventure and treasure. For more information on cookies including how to manage your consent visit our. If more than one coach pushes the button, the power then shifts to the artists to choose which coach they want to work with. “Man Like U” picked up 472 votes or 28.35% of all votes cast. [58][59] Anime News Network's Lynzee Loveridge put "Lina Inverse and Company" at second spot in "Traditional Fantasy Parties", while Gia Manry from the same website ranked her first among all anime's "Easiest Good Guys to Make Angry", as well as placing Lina second on her lists of "Destroyers of the Fourth Wall" and "Most Destructive Heroes". As envisioned by Kanzaka, Lina has a petite body type and is 147 cm (4 feet 10 inches) tall. The Slayers creator Hajime Kanzaka had originally created the characters of Lina and Luna (the name of Lina's unseen sister in Slayers) as the heroines of his science-fiction story that he had written when he was in high school[2] and in which Luna was the protagonist and Lina was her clone. Years later, when Kanzaka began writing Slayers as a Western-style (i.e. As such, she is widely reputed to be an evil and calamitous "Enemy of All Who Live",[15] among many other similar monikers (such as "Empress of Destruction", "Natural Disaster Mage", "Raven-Black Witch" and "No-Breasts Demon"). America will then have the opportunity to save their favorite performer by voting on The Voice Official App or [43], Lina Inverse has become a popular and critically praised character both in Japan and overseas; writing in 1999, Dave Halverson called Slayers' Lina and Naga "two of anime [medium]'s brightest stars in both Japan and the U.S."[47] Lina won Animage magazine's Anime Grand Prix 1998 award for the best female character of 1997, also placing second in 1997 (after Rei Ayanami, also voiced by Megumi Hayashibara), fourth in 1996, and eight in 1999. Lina was one of the most popular anime characters of the late 1990s and has since retained a sizable fan following. [57], Lina has been also included in many top lists by various websites. L I N A. [54] In 2020, from Anthony Gramuglia from Comic Book Resources ranked her and Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon as the best anime heroines of the 1990s, describing them as "two fantastic characters who have remained popular and iconic for decades. View 20 images of Lina Ivanova's characters from her voice acting career. Britto is a Colombian journalist and historian who teaches Latin American and Caribbean History at Northwestern University. Cuidei Que Tinha Morrido 3. Instead, those artists will compete in the first Four-Way Knockout. The series was created by John de Mol, who serves as an executive producer along with Mark Burnett, Audrey Morrissey, Amanda Zucker, Kyra Thompson and Adam H. Sher. Even more, in this case mostly lifelike, clones of Lina were created by Xellos' master Zellas Metallium in the video game Slayers in which one of them, who believes herself to be the real Lina, is a playable character and the game's initial protagonist. "some from Slayers Special (Tokitama shan chi)", "FEATURE: Fanart Friday - A Thin Line Between Good and Evil Edition", "Lots Of Crazy Anime Mashed Up For Your Gaming Pleasure | Kotaku Australia", "FEATURE: Fanart Friday, Swords and Sorcery Edition", "Gia's List: Anime's 6 Easiest Good Guys to Make Angry", "Gia's List: The 7 Most Hilariously-Narrated Anime", "Anime Review: Slayers Try | Anime Reviews | The Escapist", "Sailor Moon vs The Slayers - Which '90s Anime Featured the Best Heroine", "Anime Review: Slayers Next | Anime Reviews | The Escapist", "Namco Bandai Unleashes Anime Crossover RPG", "Fantasia Re:Build Teaser Website Opens, Hinting Launch Day is Near", "マジカルバトルアリーナ〜リリカルなのはやCCさくら達が激突する3Dアクション同人ゲーム", "Lina Inverse And Naga Join Valkyrie Anatomia In A Slayers Collaboration Event On August 13", "― リナも登場する「ラテール」×「スレイヤーズREVOLUTION」コラボ企画スタート。ポコタをペットにできるクエストも実施中", "LINE Rangers dan Slayers Berkolaborasi, Hadirkan Petualangan Seru Tanpa Rasa Takut", "Lina = Inverse stats, skills, evolution, location | Puzzle & Dragons Database", "The Slayers Invade Tales of the Rays for an Anniversary Collaboration", "Trys、『MASS FOR THE DEAD』で「スレイヤーズ」コラボ開催決定! サイン色紙があたるTwitterキャンペーンを実施", "Slayers cafe opening in Tokyo and Osaka brings food of the fantasy anime to real life【Photos】", "『スレイヤーズ』リナ=インバースがドルフィードリームシスターシリーズから待望のドール化!設定を忠実(?)に再現した控えめサイズのS胸を採用!", "Lina Inverse Dresses to Impress as a Sunny Slayers Figure", "Limited Lina Inverse "Slayers" Cosplay Outfit Offered", "Lina Inverse-Inspired Perfume Brings the Sweet Smell of Collateral Damage", "FEATURE: Fanart Friday - Megami Megumi Edition", "Rinoa cosplay: "La mia passione per il mondo nipponico" | Cartoonmag", "G1 - Campeã de cosplay mostra fantasias ao G1: 'minha mãe não reconheceu' - notícias em Game Bahia 2015", "Megumi Hayashibara Anniversary "3x3 Eyes" Max-Single Promo", "Emanuela Pacotto: from ONE PIECE to Naruto, the 5 historical characters of the voice actress", "Six Leading Ladies of Shonen Anime Part 1: The '90s", "Top 5 baddest anime females | SBS PopAsia", "7 Traditional Fantasy Parties - The List", "Gia's List: 6 Destroyers of the Fourth Wall", "Gia's List: Anime's 7 Most Destructive Heroes", "Les Légendaires Origines – Tome 3 – Gryfenfer",, Fictional characters with neurological or psychological disorders, Female soldier and warrior characters in anime and manga, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 31 January 2021, at 20:58. The protagonists of the 2002 anime miniseries Cosplay Complex, Chako and Reika, dress up as Naga and Lina in the third episode, and Lina and Naga themselves made a cameo appearance in French comic book series Les Légendaires Origines in 2014.[64]. [6][7], Lina has many different nicknames, including "Bandit Killer" and "Dragon Spooker", neither of which she likes. Lina profoundly moving, each song she owns is a monument in the history of Fado, whose voice haunts us all. VOICE is a global humanitarian organization protecting women and girls from violence in disaster- and conflict-affected settings. Lina Hidalgo was mocked for taking a hard line on the pandemic. Her voice was slightly muffled as she spoke. Assists 0 / 0. She has two moles on her forehead, which are usually covered by her headband. In the Slayers TV series, Gourry and Lina are both the subject of an attempt at cloning, which spawns a number of miniature, super deformed versions of them both; the tiny clones fight to humorous effect, and after the mini Linas win, they all disintegrate. Each coach will only have one steal in the Knockouts, making the stakes higher than ever.Once the Live Performance Shows begin, the top artists will compete each week against each other during a live broadcast. However, the winner will ultimately be chosen by America. In the anime-exclusive series Slayers Try, Lina is recruited by the dragoness Filia Ul Copt to save the world. To her, her most embarrassing nickname is "Lina the Pink", which is her official title amongst the Guild.