The YouTube comment section on the remixes video would understandably suggest that people are only there to hear JT’s blazing opening verse about luxury sports cars and Ray J nostalgia, but then DaBaby comes in, wearing a Huge Hefner robe and rapping in that same cadence he always uses. The only music I want to listen to anymore is old stuff that I liked when I was young and beautiful and full of possibility, or new stuff that sounds like old stuff when I was all of those things. If anything in the last sentence confused you, then it’s possible (but unlikely if you’re reading this list) that you went through the entirety of 2020 without hearing “The Box.” Roddy Ricch would be impressed; after all, he didn’t even plan for “The Box” to be a single. This list that you’re about to read is a labor of love, inasmuch as anything can be a labor of love in late capitalism. Growing up, DMX used to wander the streets of Yonkers to avoid beatings at home, which led him to find comfort in befriending stray dogs. His smash with 42 Dugg, “We Paid’’ is simple effortless brilliance: the bass drums are minimal but hit like an assassin . Quelle Chris & Chris Keys – “Sudden Death”, 75. Wallie the Sensei featuring MAR and Yah-L – “Scandalous”, 70. featuring Bobby Raps – “Boys Don’t Cry”, 89. Thor’s Hammer disguised in Dior. The deadpan delivery on something like “when you walk into the building, they play clown music” is easy to miss the first time around. It’s the next generation of rap stars, forging their sound in live time. Nobody wants to march because of Black people being murdered and dehumanized by the state. It is when lines about dope boy dickies, diamonds, and Timbs don’t just refer to articles of clothing, but become statements of victory from people who weren’t supposed to get to the top. Wifigawd & Tony Seltzer featuring Wiki and The Khan – “Ten Toes”, 78. Westside showcases that he’s always been a student of the game, quoting Gang Starr’s “DWYCK” verbatim and painting a picture of mafioso villainy with, “body parts on Cavalli dishes.” Tyler playfully harmonizes, urging listeners to sing-along as he reminisces about days spent watching Kenan & Kel and listening to “Frontin’” for the first time. It’s part of what has made Milwaukee appealing, especially Mari Boy Mula Mar. Released a week prior to Muthaland—her debut, and supposedly final, album—”11:11” takes the uneasy foundation of “Rules” and uproots it further. Despite having written more than 200 songs for ENERGY before whittling down the final tracklist, they reserve two of the album’s 11 tracks for “interludes,” as they’ve titled them. Then, Kurt Phillips used what he found on social media and internet forums to unmask racist Canadian groups for more than a decade on his blog Anti-Racist … The single and the album are more Mac Dre circa Stupid Doo Doo Dumb than Pac recording “California Love” fresh from Clinton Correctional. “Christopher Walking” sounds like that scene in Game of Thrones where the Night King lifts his arm to resuscitate the murdered white walkers, except this time everyone is Woo and wearing shredded Amiri jeans that cost one month’s mortgage. Over two minutes and 30 seconds, the South Coast-music signed rapper doesn’t take a single breath while marauding over a bird-killing 808 bass bounce beat. Her early mixtapes, Sugar Trap and Sugar Trap 2, were named after the rap subgenre that she coined – a sound consisting of ethereal, Sanrio-type-beats and syrupy melodies about not wanting to deal with your shit. Hec ranking lahore universities. If you have any complaints, her response is already in the title and the hook — Yousef Srour. Baby’s flow descends to a near-whisper level, nimbly ransacking the beat like a thief that doesn’t leave a fingerprint, in and out in 30 seconds flat. On this levitating jazz from his lauded Purple Moonlight Pages, Ferreira places syllables elegantly, enjambing lines and stretching the sounds while coming to grips with the difficulty of life as an artist. The claims staked by fate and free will were abundant on 2017’s Brick Body Kids Still Daydream, and they’re a bit subtler on this year’s Anime, Trauma, and Divorce. Kev died in 2015 when he crashed his Acura into a tractor-trailer on the Van Wyck Expressway. Albums: Camp (2011) Because the Internet (2013) Awaken, My Love! The stick up kids out to task that Guru warned of. After I left my job at the grocery story, I marched at protests that were painful to endure, but necessary. The Koreatown Oddity – “Koreatown Oddity”, 94. His quasi-psychedelic, Florida-rooted trap music is dark and eerie, what you might hear if you ingested several psychedelics and spliced together scenes from Spring Breakers and Donnie Darko. So when their slowed-down, R&B-glossed second album failed to ignite, the Lawrences must have been left scratching their heads. — Jack Riedy, 17. In the video for Mari Boy Mula Mar’s “Tailor,” the grass is the color of cardboard, the sky is an unsettling gray, and the streets are vacant. “Fractal” is innocuous boom-bap and “Thinking Bout You” is a dreamy, post-Donuts flip of an obscure ’70s soul single, Lady’s “You’re Still the One.” Both are pleasant, but it’s hard to believe there wasn’t something punchier among the 190-odd tracks on the cutting room floor. The Stockton-based rapper has risen quickly since then, his slang, flow, and wordplay growing by leaps and bounds over the two-ish years since he started. Not long ago I lost someone I knew to suicide, and the day after I learned my grandfather has cancer — it is a sadly fitting culmination to a year where lost lives have been reduced to incomprehensible numbers, fame feels more like a death sentence for ascending artists, and legends who once transcended reality tragically fall to their death. His voice is that engaging. Ferreira spreads his wings, ascending above the ground and reporting on what he sees below; in gestures both grand (“being piss poor corrupted the discourse”) and granular (a recollection of memorable roadside restroom graffiti.) With “Unappreciated,” a cut off the first installment, Cash Kidd goes back and forth with one of Detroit’s breakout stars and ambassadors Sada Baby about their love lives. Parts of the duo’s original, world-beating formula remain unchanged. OMB Bloodbath and Maxo Kream are the perfect odd couple. ‘’We Paid’’ isn’t only the best song of the year, it is flaunting as an act of rebellion. He and Dugg trade bars like a classic tag team rap duo: Rae and Ghost in the traps of the Westside Atl, Thug and Quan for the next generation, the celebration less vibrant but no less real, reflective of a more ominous era. — Drew Millard. No wonder those spotless piano keys—a kind of slowed down deep house riff that would appease Crystal Waters—caught the ear of the rapping Beyoncé we heard on the expensive pop of Everything Is Love. He’s beating opps with a Neiman Marcus bag before “Paisa dancin” after hearing the prices from his plug. — Myles Andrews-Duve, 36. — Miguel Garcia, 20. Yet “Walkin’ In” is celebratory, it’s quite literally about pulling up, stepping into the function and being ready to ball, with all eyes on you. In a bleak year, YN Jay and Louie Ray’s out-of-pocket, raunchy jokes kept folks laughing all throughout. One raps like he’s trying to keep the smoke from leaving his lungs, a swift flow bursting out in a single breath that’s perpetually on the brink of running out. For crunk ain’t dead, crunk ain’t dead, crunk ain’t dead, ho (break the law). Rio and Ray and YN Jay and the rest of these floor-humping shit-talkers out of Flint are simply making what they enjoy out of whatever comes to mind. mp3 indir hadi, şarkı indir, mobil mp3 indir, müzik indir, en yeni mp3 indir, bedava mp3 indir. Rio would rather pay off his girl’s student loans than buy her a Birkin bag. Here, he’s waving hello to a hater like it’s still 2009 and favorably comparing the backside of his Rolls Royce sedan to whomever Drake is currently fucking. Who doesn’t dream of this luxury? The moment was a gram of 80’s excess and drug culture rife for a quick rap reference. They don’t care about song structure, they definitely don’t give a fuck about hooks. These were significant cultural contributions. Both MCs bring tremendous versatility to their work, but here, they match dead-eyed, easy flows, spitting bars about enemies getting more lives than pussycats and picking bricks like Deion Sanders. Maybe they’re just jealous, I know I am. He stops just short of banishing the Maserati brand to Range Rover 4.0 territory. It starts promisingly enough, with several moments in the first half that deserve the full smoke-and-lasers treatment. If the operative cliché is that “it’s a movie,” Pop was the one that cameras naturally gravitated towards, destined to be an icon, cast as a thinly veiled and terribly nicknamed version of himself in a stylishly inventive film, cashing six figure checks for awkward appearances in Hennessy commercials in 2042. Recorded shortly after Bris’s release from jail––and just weeks before he would be tragically murdered at the age of 24––“First 42 Hours (Back In Action)” is a superb entry in the first-day-out canon, in large part because its measured tone casts it not as a celebration, but the suggestion of a coming storm. “Demon child” suggests a character of evil, but “lost soul” carries the feeling of alienation — he never had direction. Can we really do anything more than once?” He seems to land on the same answer we did. Shabazz Palaces featuring Purple Tape Nate – “Fast Learner, Armand Hammer featuring Pink Siifu – “Bitter Cassava”, Problem featuring Freddie Gibbs & Snoop Dogg – “Don’t Be Mad At Me (Remix)”, Larry June featuring Jay Worthy – “Orange Juice in Vancouver”, Fat Tony featuring Bun B – “What Wake You Up”, Shrapknel featuring Zilla Rocca – Gun Metal Paint, Fatboi Sharif & Roper Williams – “Smithsonian”, Wifigawd & Tony Seltzer featuring Wiki and The Khan – “Ten Toes”, Busta Rhymes featuring Kendrick Lamar – “Look Over Your Shoulder”, Guapdad 4000 featuring Denzel Curry – “Lil Scammer that Could”, Quelle Chris & Chris Keys – “Sudden Death”, Mozzy featuring Blxst – “I Ain’t Perfect”, Future featuring Young Thug – “Harlem Shake”, Saviii 3rd featuring ComptonAssTG- “Knocc It Off”, NLE Choppa featuring Roddy Ricch – “Walk Em Down”, Wallie the Sensei featuring MAR and Yah-L – “Scandalous”, Azealia Banks featuring Lex Luger – “Black Madonna”, YTN Lil Greg featuring MurdaGang PB – “White Chalk”, Clipping featuring Cam and China – “’96 Neve Campbell”, Mulatto & Trina – “Bitch from Da Souf (Remix)”, Beatking featuring Queendome Come – “Then Leave”. Time again, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I wasn’t doing enough to gather enough money to get my own place. Foogiano featuring Pooh Shiesty & Big Scarr – “SoIceyBoyz”. Bris – “First 42 Hours Freestyle (Back In Action)”. The highlight of the Hammond, Indiana don’s Vito, is the tightly written and constantly shifting, “Whut It G Like,” a cinematic banger with more twists and turns than a turbocharged … Thrones are vacant for years, sometimes decades. In the first episode of 2020’s tentpole cultural event The Last Dance, Michael Jordan is asked about the Chicago Bulls’ locker room culture during his sensational rookie season. For every person waiting on your return, countless more have moved on to the next rapper. In December of 2017, he dropped Cold Devil, a record that announced the arrival of a singular stylist and defined the sound of contemporary L.A. rap. Her voice cuts through her preferred bass heavy beats and is sharp enough to shape a diamond. For a moment, it does. But when he comes guns blazing, like on “The Story of OJ,” few in rap do it better. - 2021.01.30 (It’s no surprise she names Gucci Mane as a key influence.) “Savage” was the stepping out of rising superstar—Snoop’s “Who Am I? (She did shoot part of the video in Atlanta, to be fair, but those exteriors don’t lie. Getting these two together is an example of how great local rap regions are, but also the new creations that can form from their combination. It’s a far more direct look into YoungBoy’s brain than we get in interviews and on typical album fodder, with the MC unloading on enemies both real and imagined. At others, he conveys sharp ideas within broad strokes. The easy comparison here is to the late Prodigy, but Mobb Deep were vicious and almost gleeful in their malice, having made their names just as they entered adulthood. It is the only way we can continue to survive. Lost in all of this is that the song is a reference to the forgettable New Balance 327 model, a shoe that Westside premiered during Paris Fashion Week. — Chris Daly, If you haven’t seen Uncut Gems yet, just take a listen to North Carolina rapper Big Mali’s “4,5,6,” and you’ll get the idea. Ray offers to cut his arms off before he balls to “make it fair.” Listen for yourself to their unspeakable (and unquotable) thoughts on women cheating, pregnant women, women in general. “This not Rocawear.” – Paul Thompson, 7. Drakeo is recovering from the last three years, but he’s also trying to turn up while reminding the city what they’ve missed. Richardson is a classically trained actor. I don’t care who’s spinning the world, as long as it sounds like this. Drakeo in top form, sounding as though he never left. Here, producer Kenny Segal and his fellow residents of Jefferson Park, Aaron Carmack and Mike Parvizi, build a beautiful, slightly mournful, organic beat with a hummable horn line. Deep inside the heart of Atlanta’s Edgewood neighborhood, right across from the recently moved (ZONE 6) precinct, surrounded by gentrifying change that’s more antagonizing than it is embraced, sits a strip as infamous as the gentleman who bestowed its name. The RNA that runs through DJ Clue’s cells. Von’s narrator doesn’t want any trouble, but when the rival throws a brick at his car, Von shoots him twice and peels off, with the woman in tow against his better judgment. The track can’t even be spoiled by a guest verse from British rapper slowthai, who’s been on a time-out since disgracing himself at an awards show in February. For Hook, she had to pack up and move to have access to L.A.’s resources, but also the distance has made her music have a different bounce Some of it has no problem fitting within a DJ set at a house party down in Compton or up north in Vallejo. The Camo Monk-produced instrumental is what happens when the Hotel Chevalier elevator doors open and its soundtrack ventures down the hallway, seeping into Gunn’s luxury suite turned makeshift studio. Each line affirms the titular aim. The type of person who picks his outfits based on if he can hold his Glock in his sweatpants. To hear hip-hop is to hear those largely oppressed by the vicious U.S. class system who have defied the odds and quickly become affluent. In one corner, you have the ferocious Bloodbath, Houston’s best female rapper (and one of the best rappers out period). He prizes ends over new friends, his Nu Age “villains” ready to ride as he stuffs soon-to-be-laundered dollars in the Goyard duffle. Despite the many challenges of keeping a group of three together, and a nearly-two decade break from collective jigginess, on “Bout Shit,” both The Lox and DMX sound as hungry as ever. Every time I’d look up and it would show me that I didn’t have enough, I’d be sick. 1, “Bands in Da Basement” has a lingering sadness like many tracks recorded just before Greedo’s 2018 incarceration. The verses, too, feel like volleys of percussion, maybe because when Rio and his brother Louie Ray rap, they sugarcoat nothing. ), Eventually Giannis resigned with Milwaukee – a 5-year, $228 million extension, the biggest one in league history. Email ESPN Radio Shows EEEE-ERR! “Until I Wake Up” is Archibald’s shimmery take on those years and an exciting taste of his evolution. Cash Kidd turns to the bottle as he comes face to face with his trust issues and potential breakup, rapping the most relatably catchy hook of the year, “Ooh I’ve been drinking lately, ‘cuz I been fighting demons babyy” before calling bullshit on his own claims that he can find someone to replace his girl. It is the only way we can continue to survive. Lil Baby and 42 Dugg pushed against that. This did not lead to the success BFB may have hoped for, but it set the table for what to expect going forward. (PC): If youre on PC MWF around 8-12pm US time, Im usually somewhere in the Pluto relay making tunes. Please take a second to donate on Patreon! As with Biggie, there are no bad Pop Smoke verses, just ones that allow you hear the holy spirit a little louder and make the dance with the devil a little jiggier. The number of contemporary rappers courting their imitators is disheartening. Jay’s turn to this approach––widely understood to have been cribbed from Young Chris of the Young Gunz––coincided with his grasping at a sort of prestige rap, marked by finesse and sophistication and smart brand management. These bars are unimaginably reckless. The devil isn’t in him, it’s on him. MF DOOM - Greenbacks / Go With The Flow (1997) 01. He closes his newest album, Descendants of Cain, with a tribute to his wife, his mother, and his best friend. The Brooklyn drill executioner’s stutter-step beat binds it to a time and place, but it taps into an eternal reserve of gulliness. From the start, “11:11” sounds like it’s on the verge of disappearing. I moved and now you can say my name from Bushwick to Flatbush and they know me. This is the result of hundreds of hours of labor. Then there’s Boldy James, the year’s breakout star in the 30 and over league, whose breathless flow manages the difficult task of conveying exhaustion without letting up on the gas for one second. He’s an enigma, thrilling because it’s less of an act than a total unwillingness to play the game. On this, the closing track of recent EP Grant Money Raps, the nebbish Fredrick Douglass drops a lackadaisical, melodic flow over smooth trap bounce, navigating the algorhythms and acronyms as well as the MVNTRA-produced beat. A hijacked truck of quarter waters converted into enough liquid nitroglycerin to blow up a thousand bodegas. POW is a website without ads. Then Moneybagg Yo comes in with a goofy, endearing and deceptively lyrical barrage reminiscent of Tru Religion 2 Chainz, but for the Amiri jeans era. The former has more punchlines, but make no mistake, the duo are here to educate and elucidate as much, if not more, than entertain. The track is credited to Big Scarr, but it’s really a showcase of 1017 artists and how they further the slick trap Gucci pioneered over a decade ago. Grown folks hanging in the park as 4-wheelers spin donuts on the sticky summer asphalt. However, there was a sense of catharsis because it meant we were fighting for ourselves. Should you value what we do, please consider donating to the Patreon. It was a set in which the immensely popular but tortured Pryor opened up about lighting himself on fire while freebasing. Detroit rap is the one of the hottest regions on the planet right now, and Dugg’s snarl is a wolf calling before it stalks its prey. — Jayson Buford. As such, “24” is essentially a perfect representation of Money Man’s aesthetic and a fitting breakout song for the veteran. On his much sought-after collaborations, he’s often the clear standout and usually ends up overshadowing anyone remotely near the beat. The woozy instrumentation made her bleakest lines hit harder by contrast alone; her straight-ahead delivery kept it from drifting too far into unmoored psychedelia. It’s not a banger, but a mellow grower, and a sophomore mission statement that impeccably sets the stage for the record to slide into all kinds of intense scenarios – a final warning sign at the rabbit hole’s entrance. Ezra Pound’s “make it new” ethos is embedded in their crew name: Nu Age. Shabazz Palaces featuring Purple Tape Nate – “Fast Learner“, 95. Raise your hand if you’ve ever closed a tab because a rapper’s narcissism was crashing YouTube. I think I have found a song he might like. While Milo’s music was insular and bookish, here R.A.P. Jay capitalized on Flint’s moment like no other with “Coochie,” where he and Louie Ray, his partner-in-doonie-beating, go back and forth about how they like to get down. How to get my glyph: Spoiler Ill be putting a few codes on my last Mandachord video of the day, but I have additional ways to give out codes. With his dexterous flow and booming microphone command, Vince Ash recalls the glory days of Ruthless, Death Row and No Limit. Mozzy featuring Blxst – “I Ain’t Perfect”, 74. He interpolates 50, matches designer bags with the Draco, and silences all contenders for the crown. At 34, Money Man wisely tends towards a more subdued approach to song making in comparison to his Atlanta peers, but the overall effect is a bit like Pete Rock’s horns: you’re rhythmically lulled into his world. The Atlanta link is even stronger than just the QC signing: Lakeyah moved there shortly after high school for art school, but she ended up dropping out after a month to focus on music. Carti’s music has always been an exercise in paint splatters, more Rorscach than Manet — but rather than delving deeper into the head-banging, brain-tenderizing distortion that ruled DIE LIT, “@ MEH” somehow digs up warmth. The Lawrence brothers’ third album of glossy yet gritty disco pop suggests that their true lineage is the Y2K chart-house sound once ubiquitous on UK airwaves. And as always, he paints a portrait of street life so vivid, he should be compared to Donald Goines rather than other rappers. (Let’s hope she is appropriately older than barely legal.) Every year about this time we look back and wonder how Griselda could possibly go bigger and better, but visceral collaborations like this hint at what Conway might still become. Drakeo the Ruler – “Fights Don’t Matter”. — Nate LeBlanc, 31. “Just got some top from a stripper bitch, she from Kankakee” is easily the opening line of the year. There’s a dreamy Mexikodro beat that’ll make you reminisce about Carti’s SoundCloud page, and Hook goes on and on about a stressful relationship with the bad emotional judgement of Lil Durk, but that slight scratchiness in her voice keeps the song’s heart in Cali. The result was the Dreamville-released Spilligion, Atlanta octet Spillage Village’s fourth studio album; the standout was a single called “End of Daze.” On the five-and-a-half minute track, six of the group’s members – EARTHGANG’s WowGr8 (a.k.a. Conway the Machine featuring DeJ Loaf – “Fear of God”, Between premium-vinyl prospectors, Virgil-worshipping hypebeasts, true-school crusaders, and Shady Records moneymen, Conway had a lot of people to please in 2020. It’s a temporary relief from society’s craziness, found by two blunted record store clerks between the dusted crates at Flysiifu’s Records and Tapes. Rap history is littered with pretenders to the crown, would-be saviors promising restoration by “restoring the feeling,” forgetting that no slick tagline or media coronation could replace what is essentially both a divine gift and an honorific bestowed by the people. There ain’t no MFA programs for rap, even though Kendrick won the Pulitzer. The components of rap include "content" (what is being said), … At its core, flexing is when you turn the downtrodden to the triumphant. Good title for bullying essay. Fat Tony featuring Bun B – “What Wake You Up”, 83. What he’s leaving out is that life — in order to be processed into a piece of art as potent as his 2020 offering A Japanese Horror Movie — needs a ton of discipline and courage to jot down and dissect what is thrown at you for its universal qualities. Scarr and Shiesty are from the same hood in Memphis, and alongside Foogiano, who’s from Greensboro, Georgia, the trio envision a new iteration of trap that blends the muddy nihilism of Memphis rap with the flossy trapping of Atlanta’s biggest stars. But hey, if his lukewarm fashion forays result in a product as pristine as “327,” then we can’t really knock it. Over the Alchemist’s climactic, lighters-in-the-air arena-rock moment, Gibbs takes the opportunity to rap his ass off (as expected), to assert his dominance as the elite of the rap game, to rain fire on motherfuckers like Jordan at the ’85 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. On “I-78/Capillaries” he juts in-and-out of a glowing beat, connecting Superwoman, Donald Trump, Fred Hampton, and Thelonious Monk in one fell swoop. The interviewer refers to an article calling the team “the Chicago Bulls’ Traveling Cocaine Circus,” and Jordan lets out a hearty laugh. In October, after finally collecting enough cash to better my life, I made a much needed move to Brooklyn from the Bronx. Growing up outside of a major city has both its positives and negatives. O, judgment! Then he’s finding pockets in and outside of the beat, running one vivid run-on into the next. I moved and now you can say my name from Bushwick to Flatbush and they know me. “Wack Jumper” is an anthem for the broken jump shots and poorly-trained marksmen of the city. I was told that Black workers were valued but not enough for me to wear a pin that valued myself. And this feels appropriate. ‘’We Paid’’ isn’t only the best song of the year, it is flaunting as an act of rebellion. I would shout out whoever thought to pull the drums for Chief Keef’s verse but it was probably Keef himself.