Are there 24/7 petrol stations along the route and are there any night time hazards I should know about? By Plane. How far is it between Fès and Dakhla. What airlines fly nonstop from AGA airport to VIL airport? N 129 Bloc F 9, Cite Dakhla, Agadir. The distance between Dakhla and Agadir is 978 km. Royal Air Maroc is the only airline flying nonstop from Agadir to Dakhla. As already mentioned, the distance from Marrakesh to Dakhla is 1490 km. The road distance is 1171.9 km. Get Rates. Below is the total distance from Agadir 80000 to Dakhla 73000 in other units of length. The distance from Agadir to Dakhla is 608 miles (978 kilometers). The best way to get from Dakhla to Agadir without a car is to bus which takes 19h and costs MAD 360 - … Cheap, quick, and easy ways to explore any destination Rotta aerea: 1.293,23 km (2h 1min) La distanza dagli aeroporti più vicini a Agadir e Dakhla è 1.293,23 km.Ciò corrisponde ad un tempo di volo approssimativo di 2h 1min. Calculer combien de kilomètres, coûts de carburant, heures de vol et heures de voyage de Agadir Dakhla Marrakesh – Agadir : 260kms; Agadir – Laâyoune : 690kms; Laâyoune – Dakhla : 540kms; There are 3 bus companies offering transport from Marrakesh/ Agadir: Supratours, CTM and SATAS. Answer 1 of 3: Could anyone offer me advice on driving from Agadir to Dakhla? There are both domestic and international flights to Dakhla. Agadir – Royal Air Maroc (RAM) has just announced a new route connecting Dakhla and Paris, with the first flight taking place on February 12. a bus will make this distance in approx. Fes is located in Morocco with (34.0372,-4.9998) coordinates and Dakhla is located in Western Sahara with (23.6848,-15.958) coordinates. Itinerari di volo simili: AGA → NDB, AGA → VIL, AGA → NDB, AGA … Get driving directions How do I travel from Dakhla to Agadir without a car? Departure point Route summary Viaducts, bridges Arrival point Dangerous area Tunnels Map routes Security alert Crossing nearby Located in Dakhla, this apartment building is within 3 mi (5 km) of Souk El Had, Royal Palace, and La Medina D'agadir. If you want to go by car, the driving distance between Fes and Dakhla is 1901.71 km. Miles: 729.3: Meters: 1173653: Feet: 3850567.7: Distance Summary. 26 hours. There are 3 drivers in the car and would like to do the trip in one go. Distance, cost (tolls, fuel, cost per passenger) and journey time, based on traffic conditions Agadir Dakhla route planner. Reaching Dakhla there are limited options, given it is such a far distance. Search, compare, and book flights, trains, and buses to travel from Agadir (Morocco)‎ to Dakhla (Unknown Region)‎. Distance entre Agadir (Maroc) et Dakhla en kilomètres et miles en voiture (auto, bus, moto) et en avion (à vol d'oiseau), durée - temps trajet et itinéraire sur la carte. The calculated flying distance from Fes to Dakhla is equal to 974 miles which is equal to 1567 km.. It also is one of the more expensive destinations to reach. Direct flights exist from Agadir and Casablanca and you can connect to these cities from other points in Morocco via Royal Air Maroc. You drive from Agadir 80000, Morocco and trip ends at Dakhla 73000.