Planification et préparation. Relations gouvernementales : indépendance ou interdépendance. Préparation au projet de consultation. Issues in export marketing. A particular focus of this seminar is a critical evaluation of the New Public Management reforms, and an in-depth review of different models of government intervention and policy-making from a comparative perspective. PAP 6120 Ethics in the Public Sector (3 units). ADM 6323 Promotional Management (3 units). This program will be followed with the Executive MBA students from Audencia. Implementation is a constant focus throughout this module. In general, preference is given to those applicants who have greater work experience, particularly when there is evidence of management responsibilities and career progression. In a team-taught, multi-disciplinary setting, the course integrates management concepts, principles and tools seen in program courses to date. MBA 5131 and MBA 5132, together, are equivalent to MBA 5330. Measurement and performance factors in marketing. For more information about graduate studies at the University of Ottawa, please refer to your academic unit. ADM 5380 Decision Models for Operations Management (3 units). La nature, les objectifs, les avantages et les faiblesses de chaque forme de vérification et la complémentarité qui les réunit. This in turn allows students to return quickly to the work force upon completion of their MBA studies. Students wishing to change their registration classification from full-time status to part-time status, and vice versa, must consult an academic advisor, who will assist in planning their course schedule. Présentation des composantes formelles (direction, organisation, budgétisation, stratégie, planification, contrôle, etc.) ADM 6450 Financial Management for High-Tech Firms (1.5 unit), ADM 6510 Fonctionnement et organisation gouvernementale (3 crédits), ADM 6541 Séminaire sur les systèmes publics (3 crédits), ADM 6566 Gestion du personnel (3 crédits), ADM 6585 Méthode probabiliste en gestion (3 crédits), ADM 6660 Gestion de projet I (1.5 crédit). Processus de décision en marketing pour gestionnaires. Providing Value to the Business Community (6 units) Each work term is graded P/F (Pass or Fail), based on the employer’s report and on a written report completed by the student. Topics addressed include profit and non-profit organizational buying behaviour, product strategy, innovation strategy, promotion strategy, pricing strategy and penetration of international markets. Topics to be covered include: supply and demand, elasticities of demand and supply, theory of the firm, forms of competition, environmental externalities and government policies. Use of foreign exchange derivatives, such as currency futures, options, and swaps to hedge foreign exchange risk. Enjeux de développement durable relatifs aux opérations et intégration des nouvelles technologies dans la gestion des opérations. The topic and supervisor are selected in consultation with an adviser and must be registered no later than the end of the second term in the program. Exemples d'utilisation dans le monde des affaires de systèmes de communications en gestion. This set of courses introduces the tools and skill sets needed by senior managers and provides a good understanding of the context in which businesses operate. This program allows the student a choice between the two areas of study in Canadian law. Présentation des grandes composantes de la gestion publique (rôles et fonctions manageriels, planification, cultures organisationnelles, leadership et motivation, gestion des ressources humaines, gestion du changement, etc.). Les concepts centraux explorés seront les analyses de processus, la cartographie des chaînes de valeur, la matrice de priorisation, et la méthode DMAIC. ADM 6313 Public Sector Financial Policy (3 units), ADM 6315 Project and Program Evaluation (3 units). Global marketing-mix strategies. MBA 5259 Economics for the Global Manager II (1.5 unit). To remain enrolled in the co-op option, students must: Students enrolled in the master’s program with thesis may be allowed to transfer to the PhD program without being required to write a master’s thesis. Problèmes de gestion dans des pays étrangers et au sein de firmes multinationales. Process design with UML (Unified Modelling Language). Courses ADM 6274, ADM 6286 cannot be combined for units. ADM 63951 Seminar in Administration III (3 units), ADM 6396 Seminar in Administration IV (3 units). A grade of S (Satisfactory) or NS (Not Satisfactory) will be granted for this paper. Permet d'approfondir certaines questions abordées plus généralement dans des cours antérieurs. MBA 5140 and MBA 5141, together, are equivalent to MBA 5340. MBA 6120 Marketing in the 21st Century (1.5 unit). The Faculty of Social Sciences represents a place of excellence in knowledge creation, research and training. Use of accounting information in decision-making by internal users. Formation en communication et présentations efficaces dans les affaires. Programmation linéaire et dualité. Treasury management. Préparation à la rédaction de la thèse (incluant le projet de thèse) en administration publique. Attributs organisationnels de base et leur influence sur la GRH, le défi de la GRH stratégique, le défi d'attirer et de retenir les ressources humaines, le défi de la performance au travail et le défi des conditions de travail. Financial planning and control. The focus will be on learning about business intelligence and performance management approaches at operational levels in the organization. Ensemble MBA 6598 et MBA 6599 sont équivalents à l'ancien cours MBA 6899. Contact Gestion de portefeuille et détermination du prix des actifs, choix des investissements en incertitude, théorie de la structure du capital, politique des dividendes, applications des options à la gestion financière, crédit-bail. PAP 6122 Culture and Power in Public Organisations (3 units). Courses for part-time MBA students are normally offered one weekday evening and all day every other Saturday. MBA 5XXX, MBA 6XXX: Courses specifically designed for the MBA program. Il a lieu généralement vers la fin de la troisième session d'inscription au programme. Progressing through the program in these work groups provides students with an enriching learning experience and a unique opportunity to develop their ability to function within a culturally diverse environment. Policy and R and D Management (3 units). Advanced study in an area of administrative sciences. ADM 6765 Droit des affaires (3 crédits). Préalable : MBA 5520. Normally to be completed in groups of four or five students. Different stages of research in public management and public policy, notably the development of the research question, literature review, theoretical framework, methodological approach and the development of empirical data. Presentation of the different stages of the policy process, notably emergence, development, implementation and evaluation, as well as the influence of institutions, ideas and interests on public policy. La compréhension des états financiers publiés par les entreprises, le développement des concepts et des principes pour l'analyse des problèmes reliés à la publication de ces états financiers; les fondements des états financiers, l'évaluation des actifs et la mesure du bénéfice, les états financiers et les politiques comptables, l'analyse des états financiers et les décisions d'investissements et de financement. Apprentissage des concepts clés du marketing stratégique, des outils et des procédures, l'analyse des opportunités du marché, et la fixation des objectifs de performance. Understanding and application of principles favoring motivation, workplace satisfaction and mobilization of teams; understanding of human diversity and its impact on decision-making. Distinguer les particularités de la gestion des ressources humaines dans un contexte internationale. Organization entities and models. On verra les concepts tels que le tableau de bord équilibré et la gestion de la qualité, ainsi que l'emploi de la veille économique pour explorer des défaillances de la performance. Rôle des marchés financiers. 6: 1.5-unit courses in French The MBA program begins with a period dedicated to management skills development (MBA 5235). Volet / Course Component: Cours magistral / Lecture, PAP 6980 Lecture dirigée / Directed Readings (3 crédits / 3 units), Volet / Course Component: Séminaire / Seminar, PAP 6998 Projet de thèse / Thesis Proposal, Volet / Course Component: Recherche / Research, PAP 7998 Mémoire / Research Paper (6 crédits / 6 units). Nature of negotiation. Students who choose to enroll in only two weeks of the Exchange Program must complete the following 6000-level courses: In their application to the MBA program, students must choose between English and French as their language of instruction. To be considered for admission, applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree with specialization or a major in public administration or in a related discipline with a minimum average of 75% (B+). MBA 5637 Gestion du changement (1.5 crédit). The importance of small business in Canada. Il vise aussi à décrire le fonctionnement de la chaîne de valeur de l'entreprise en vue d'y identifier les sources potentielles de création d'avantages concurrentiels. Préalables : ADM 5700, ADM 5720, ADM 5730, ADM 5731, ADM 5741, ADM 5742, ADM 5750, ADM 5751, ADM 5770, ADM 5780, ADM 5761 Stratégie et politique de la gestion II (3 crédits). Introduction à la consultation en gestion : le processus de consultation en cinq phases et les différents modèles d'entreprises associés à la gestion d'un volet de consultation. (Cours noyau pour les étudiants dans le champ de la gestion publique). / This study tour focuses on topics related to the Telfer school of Management's Strategic Areas of Excellence. The student will generally spend the second year in the other faculty to complete one year of Program 2. The student reports will be evaluated by a professor in the program (who also serves as the program’s representative on the University’s Co-op Committee). The MBA program is also offered on a part-time basis for students who wish to complete MBA studies while maintaining full-time employment. Proof of completion within the last five years, of a previous degree program in a French language university. Procedural justice and other international labour relations issues for the international workforce (includes compensating the international assignee and managing pay-equity issues among an international workforce, as well as attending to other ethical issues such as child labour). MBA 6565 Cours du programme d'échange international I (3 crédits). MBA 5561 et MBA 5562 constituent une équivalence à MBA 5760. Concomitants : MBA 5660, MBA 5720, MBA 5730, MBA 5740, MBA 5750. It is normally approximately twenty-five thousand words (between 80 and 120 pages). Applications à l'étude des comportements et styles de gestion dans une perspective inter-culturelle. Le cours mise beaucoup sur les aptitudes d'analyse acquises dans d'autres cours du programme de M.B.A. et prépare les étudiants à entreprendre des projets de consultation dans le cadre du programme de MBA. Prerequisite: MBA 5140. ADM 6282 Introduction to Quality Management (1.5 unit), ADM 6284 Managing Technological Risk (1.5 unit), ADM 6286 International E-Business Strategies for DTI (1.5 unit). Perspective d'expert-conseil pour changer l'organisation; l'entrée de l'expert-conseil dans l'organisation et son contrat; les rapports entre expert-conseil et client; collecte de données; le diagnostic et le feed-back; évaluation des techniques de développement organisationnel. Caractéristiques des systèmes de fiscalité, le revenu d'emploi (incluant la rémunération différée), le revenu d'entreprise et l'amortissement fiscal, les gains en capital imposables et les pertes en capital déductibles, autres éléments imposables ou déductibles, l'impôt des particuliers et l'impôt des sociétés, la fiscalité et la prise de décision dans l'entreprise. One or two professors qualified in the discipline and appointed by the director of the MBA program will re-assess the assignment, test or examination in question and will submit their decision to the Director of the MBA program, who will communicate the decision to the student. Differentiate recognition strategies which foster equity and workplace performance. Le volontariat international en administration (VIA) permet, sous certaines conditions, à des jeunes de 18 à 28 ans de participer à l'action de la France dans le monde. Analyse des opportunités du marché, fixation des objectifs de performance, et développement d'un plan marketing incluant sa mise en oeuvre de façon à rencontrer les objectifs fixés. Government-business relations in international context. MBA 6226 New Product Development (1.5 unit). Determining the key organizational factors (e.g. Concepts, problem solving and quantitative techniques commonly used in decision making and in monitoring production systems. Le mémoire a environ douze mille mots (environ 50 pages). MBA 6271 Enterprise Modeling for E-Business (1.5 unit). / Registration for the research paper is permitted in the second session. Introduction à la notion de rendement-risque. MBA 5280 Operations Management (1.5 unit). Ce baccalauréat touche à toutes les sphères de l'administration: management, entrepreneuriat, finance, assurance, immobilier, comptabilité, gestion des ressources humaines, technologies d'affaires, approvisionnement et logistique, gestion internationale, marketing, gestion de projet, etc. MBA 5531 et MBA 5532 constituent une équivalence à MBA 5730. ADM 6763 Gestion multinationale (3 crédits). Exemptions, retained units and advanced standing may also be granted for graduate courses previously completed in a University of Ottawa interdisciplinary program in which the Telfer School of Management is involved. MBA 5258 and MBA 5259, together, are equivalent to MBA 5355. Le rapport de stage sera évalué S (satisfaisant) ou NS (non satisfaisant) par le professeur en consultation avec l'autre directeur. The case study topics combine the various business issues of small and large enterprises (e.g. et informelles (leadership, motivation, mobilisation, culture organisationnelle, coordination, relations de pouvoir, etc.) Animés par une équipe de professeurs, ce cours, à caractère multidisciplinaire, vise à intégrer les divers concepts, principes et outils de gestion vus dans les cours des sessions précédentes. MBA 5660 L'univers du directeur général et le management stratégique (1.5 crédit). / The comprehensive examination is aimed at evaluating the student's knowledge of their minor field. Hardware and software common in business are available. Together, MBA 6198 and MBA 6199 are equivalent to previous course MBA 6499. Students can take advantage of our MBA Career Development program. Our Career Centre offers a large variety of free services to the Telfer School of Management students and alumni. PAP 8510 Séminaire de recherche en administration publique I (3 crédits). University of Ottawa's LinkedIn profile, Visit the Différentes phases de l'analyse des politiques publiques (émergence, élaboration, mise en œuvre et évaluation). Présentation Les professionnels de la santé publique agissent sur tout ce qui influence directement ou indirectement la santé au quotidien. Noté S (satisfaisant) ou NS (non satisfaisant) par le professeur responsable. ADM 5342 Managerial Accounting (3 units). MBA 5750 Gestion financière d'entreprise (3 crédits). PAP 9997 Projet de thèse de doctorat / Thesis proposal. Theory and practice of the evaluation of projects and programs. / In-depth study of a particular area of public management on governance. It does not have to be an exhaustive study of the kind expected of a doctoral dissertation, but it must display a capacity for rigorous analysis of a specific subject. Il vise aussi l'étude des contextes de l'entreprise moderne incluant stratégie émergente, pensée systémique, stratégie et apprentissage et business webs. Analysis of the role of the nation-state in a context of simultaneous decentralization and internationalization, with a particular focus on global institutions and North American integration. Models and tools to assist students in collecting, organizing, understanding, analyzing, presenting and communicating data. Gestion et outils des systèmes de maintien. MBA 6156 Performance Management: Business Process Modelling (1.5 unit). Emerging trends and management issues. Electronic marketing and communication. Financial Management & the Financial Environment. Méthodes de prévision quantitatives et qualitatives, et modèles de prévision en économie et dans l'entreprise. Topics to be covered include: components of the economy, international trade, labour and unemployment, money and the financial system, business cycles, and investment and innovation. ADM 6331 Managing Organizational Change (3 units). Students participating in the two-week exchange program must complete the Management Consulting course (. The objective is to present the main theoretical approaches and tendencies (neo-institutionalism, post-positivism, political economy, etc. Upon successful completion of the requirements for the combined program, the Faculty of Law and the Telfer School of Management will each grant its own degree in recognition of its requirements being met. 8: Management Decision Models, Operation Management Development of skills in the effective conceptualization, planning, implementation and evaluation of change interventions in human systems. / Internship in a company or other work setting under the direction of a company representative and a professor from the program. Classes normally start at the beginning of the last week of August. ADM 6777 Planification et développement des systèmes d'information (3 crédits). Université de Moncton. Gérer le changement organisationnel planifié et non planifié. Rapport écrit. CNED BP 60200 86980 Futuroscope Chasseneuil Cedex France Téléphone : De 8h30 à 18h30 (de juin à octobre) De 8h30 à 18h00 (de novembre à mai) Télécopie : Ce cours sera également l'occasion pour intégrer dans la perspective globale de la gestion stratégique les diverses connaissances fonctionnelles. C 60 - 64% 4 points MBA 5641 Comptabilité et stratégie (1.5 crédit). Understanding how to assess the performance of a business, what determines performance, how to conduct a strategic audit and to develop a specific course of action to deal with strategic issues. In addition, it is a partner in a number of interdisciplinary graduate programs, such as Engineering Management, Systems Science and E-Business Technologies. Located in the heart of Canada’s capital, a few steps away from Parliament Hill, the University of Ottawa is among Canada’s top 10 research universities. ADM 6754 Gestion financière internationale (3 crédits). Régression multiple, analyse de la variance et de la covariance, analyse de composantes principales, analyse factorielle, analyse discriminante. Type Référence Commune Adresse Objet Date début Date fin Doc. The Telfer School of Management offers the following graduate programs: Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Health Administration (MHA), Master of Science (MSc) in Management, Master of Science (MSc) in Health Systems as well as two combined programs: MBA-Juris Doctor, MBA-L.LL. Under the guidance of a professor, the student will select topics and investigate the area. The process of knowledge creation and application within and among organizations. Mesure et facteurs de performance en marketing. in public management. Aperçu des systèmes pour acquérir, traiter et diffuser l'information aux gestionnaires. Étude des enjeux théoriques et empiriques reliés à l'éthique publique, analyse de la littérature sur les fondements philosophiques et politiques de la réflexion éthique et de la littérature sur l'éthique et l'administration publique. Special focus on diversity and ethics in a team environment. Candidates applying to the English MBA must submit one of the following to the FGPS to confirm their English proficiency (the test scores cannot be more than two years old as of September 1 of the year of potential entry into the MBA program): Candidates applying to the French MBA must submit one of the following to confirm their French proficiency: It is recommended to students opting for the French cohort to have passive knowledge of English (ability to read and understand spoken English). The project cycle; identification of need and initial design, evaluation of proposal, the end of the project, planning and execution of operation, the human and organizational dimensions of project management. L'accent est mis sur les questions de gestion internationale. Integrated view of the three critical stages of the customer relationship management: acquisition (the sales process); maintenance (the relationship strategy) and management (the design and leadership of a professional sales force). Le gouvernement comme client : technologie et partenariats entre les secteurs privé et public. Prerequisite MBA 5120. Aspects technologique et international. Calcul actuariel. The total time required is shorter than if the degrees are completed separately. uOttawa focuses research strengths and efforts in four Strategic Areas of Development in Research (SADRs): With cutting-edge research, our graduate students, researchers and educators strongly influence national and international priorities. This course deepens the knowledge acquired in the course PAP 9311 Public Policy for doctoral candidates with public policy as the Major Field. It also studies the context of the modern business including emerging strategy, systemic thinking, strategy and learning and internet businesses. Applications in MS Excel in corporate finance and investments. However, students are strongly encouraged to begin with the Law program. Accent porté sur la diversité et l'éthique dans le travail d'équipe. It demonstrates the use of accounting for the evaluation of product, managerial and divisional performance thus helping students to understand what accounting can do for decision makers and how accounting choices affect decisions. Maîtrise en administration publique. MBA 5500 et MBA 5501 constituent une équivalence à MBA 5700. Prerequisite: MBA 5235 or permission of the MBA program director. Behavioural sciences applied to the consumer. Enrollment in the thesis proposal (PAP 6998) should take place as early as possible, ideally in the first term but by the third term at the latest. ADM 6354 International Corporate Finance (3 units). Rôle du pouvoir, stratégie et tactiques. The course will examine the mechanisms and issues of coordination in its multiple forms: multi-level coordination, coordination across the public, private and community sectors, horizontal and vertical coordination. Issues in marketing management. PAP 9730 Séminaire dans le champ majeur : Politiques publique (3 crédits). Durant les derniers siècles de l’Empire, l’école publique romaine est prise en charge par les civitates ou par le gouvernement impérial. MBA 6666 Principes de négociation pour les gestionnaires d'entreprises internationales (1.5 crédit). Changing organizations from a consulting perspective, organizational entry and contracting, consultant-client relations, data collection, diagnosis and feedback, evaluation of organization development interventions. For more information, consult the Professors by area of expertise page. MBA 5658 et MBA 5659, ensemble, sont équivalents à MBA 5755. The countries we visit might vary from year to year according to global events and to the partnerships that we create with international partners. l’Administration Publique, c’est le Droit de la Fonction Publique. Case study or project to be conducted in collaboration with one or more public sector organizations. Introduction to diversification of financial risk and portfolio management techniques. MBA 6899 Projet de consultation MBA (4.5 crédits). Discounted cash flow analysis. Accent sur la mise en oeuvre du projet de consultation. Third and fourth years -- In the third and fourth years of the combined program, students must take all remaining courses to meet the Law degree requirements (including all remaining courses required for the Law program, and the required number of electives). Le cours permet aux étudiants de comprendre l'utilité de l'information comptable dans la prise de décision des utilisateurs internes. For the most accurate and up to date information on application deadlines, language tests and other admission requirements, please visit the specific requirements webpage. Vue d'ensemble de la fonction de marketing : concepts clés du marketing, les outils et les procédures, le tout dans un contexte d'économie mondialisée axée sur la technologie. Marchés des titres, capital ordinaire et privilégié, options et titres convertibles, contrats à terme de matières premières et financiers, fonds mutuels, gestion de portefeuille, évaluation de performance. Comment accéder à la documentation? 1: Governance, Corporate governance Students will have hands-on experience using MS Project. Principles and constraints of decision-making in international trade policy; emphasis on the management, implementation, and effects of Canadian trade policies both on a global scale and at the industry level and on the interaction between government and business. OB topics covered include motivation, rewards, leadership, group dynamics, organizational politics, job and organization design, and culture. Postes Budgétaires des Concours Directs d'entrée en 2021 à … ADM 5330 Organizational Behavior (3 units). Located in the heart of Canada’s capital, a few steps away from Parliament Hill, the University of Ottawa is among Canada’s top 10 research universities. 6 units for the Management Consulting Project (MCP), namely. structure, culture) clés influençant la performance organisationnelle; comprendre et appliquer les principes qui favorisent la motivation, satisfaction au travail et la mobilisation des groupes de travail; développer une capacité à comprendre la diversité humaine et sa prise en compte dans la prise de décision. In collaboration with the University of Ottawa’s co-op office, a co-op option is offered to a limited number of students in the master’s with research paper. Courses MBA 5280 and MBA 5380/ADX 5380 cannot be combined for units. Réduction des besoins en énergie dans d'autres secteurs, par exemple, en utilisant un réseau intelligent, les bâtiments intelligents et les villes intelligentes. Définition du problème, diagnostic, analyse et recommandations pro­actives dans le contexte d'une entreprise ou d'un organisme. Formulation and solution of decision problems in management. Furthermore, they will develop the ability to extract from research the learning necessary for undertaking their responsibilities as public managers and policy analysts. International trends in the global economy together with assessment of risks, and associated international e-business opportunities. Contact The various components of the doctoral program (courses, comprehensive examination, thesis proposal, thesis and defence) are all designed to develop the student’s capacity for high level independent research in social sciences. the University, 75 Laurier Ave. East, Ottawa ONK1N 6N5 Canada. Modèles pour la conception, la planification et le contrôle des opérations. D+ 55 - 59% 3 points Principaux systèmes avancés d'information situés aux différents niveaux de décision de l'organisation : systèmes d'exécution, systèmes stratégiques (inter-organisationnels, coopératifs), systèmes d'aide à la décision, systèmes de décision de groupe, systèmes experts. Cours comportant des discussions de groupe, des exercices, des conférenciers invités et des études de cas. Risk and rates of return. The Telfer School of Management has an internal career service that supplements the services offered by the Career and Employment Centre on campus. Case studies or project to be conducted in collaboration with one or more public sector organizations. MBA 5100 and MBA 5101, together, are equivalent to MBA 5300. Prerequisite: MBA 6198. Université de Moncton. Types of competition in the marketplace and their impact on the organization's marketing strategy. Quantitative and qualitative techniques and models for forecasting in business and economics. It takes a broad view of financial accounting, encompassing a wide range of external financial and economic information, both national and international. Courses ADM 6275, ADM 6287 cannot be combined for units. Utilisation de MS Excel pour la finance d'entreprise et les investissements. This seminar focuses on current issues and topics in management. Fondements conceptuels et techniques des systèmes d'information. There are two possibilities within the co-op option. Ce cours introduit les étudiants aux concepts, théories, données et autres idées liées à la macroéconomie. The IELTS is administered by the British Council: A score of at least 14 on the CANTEST, administered by the University of Ottawa, with no individual test score below 4.0, along with a score of 4.5 on the oral component of the test.