I did not get paid to make this video. While this site isn't too heavy on music theory, these courses give you enough music theory to move forward with your playing. Eight song tutorials and selected online piano lessons are completely free, no credit card required. Now, let's take a closer look at some of the key features of each program. Before you choose a track, you'll take two courses: Piano Basics and Essentials I. Recommended to you based on your activity and what's popular • Feedback In some cases, one piano site will have a feature that the other one does not: When it comes to choosing Flowkey vs Simply Piano, it all depends on what you want out of a course. Flowkey. Complete with video … As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases, There's an option for a completely free membership that gives you limited access for as long as you want, You can choose a practice mode where the lesson waits for you to play each note before moving on to the next one, The song library has over 1500 songs, and you can sort by both level and genre, It includes more lessons on posture and technique than most online piano sites, There's no built-in metronome, which some players may find frustrating, Having your device's microphone listen to an acoustic piano can cause issues -- Flowkey works best with a MIDI keyboard, It's a popular app that's won a few awards from Google Play, including Best App, There's a one-week free trial for you to decide whether or not it's the app for you, Keys light up in different colors depending on whether you play them correctly, so you get instant feedback, The song library includes many popular songs and piano classics, Limited practice modes don't let you set your own tempo or practice one hand at a time, While your device microphone can listen to an acoustic piano for instant feedback, it will sometimes miss notes you play, You want to be able to practice more songs in more genres, You want an app you can use on a computer, You want more practice options (one hand at a time, looping, etc. Flowkey offers all that Simply Piano does and a lot more. Once you're ready, you can then practice what you've learned. Teaching yourself how to play the piano used to be boring and super hard. However, to sum this up; yes, Flowkey is a useful tool for learning to play the piano. Do it like more than one million other piano enthusiasts and sign up for the best way to learn, practice and master the piano. Piano Marvel – Review of a Powerful Piano Lesson Tool. However, once you've opted for a paid membership, you can access all Flowkey courses, which are divided into modules: As you can see, Flowkey doesn't focus much on music theory. Aside from teaching you how to play songs, this online piano … Today, we'll be taking a look at Flowkey vs Simply Piano. Before I answer, I will preface this by saying that I am an employee of JoyTunes, the creator of Simply Piano. If you're practicing a song and consistently make mistakes, the app will automatically put you in practice mode, where you play slowly with a metronome. All in all, the video quality is very good. As you're learning the piano, you can watch a pianist play the song you're learning. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. These will give you the foundational skills you need to progress. Piano-Apps wie z.B. It is aimed toward players who are not comfortable reading sheet music … Before we get into the details and particular features of both Flowkey and Simply Piano, we'll briefly introduce you to each one: Flowkey is a thorough learning site that offers a great balance of theory, technique, and learning songs. Your email address will not be published. Simply Piano ist ein schneller und unterhaltsamer Weg, Klavier spielen zu lernen, vom Anfänger bis hin zum Profi. Essentially, both sites are compatible with acoustic pianos, but if possible, it's a good idea to get started with a keyboard. It is an excellent tool for beginner learners, featuring songs in a variety of categories including classical, … Simply Piano. They are also great for returners who want to refresh their knowledge after a long pause. The Winner: In terms of prices, we think Flowkey's more flexible pricing structure wins. Before moving to the practice session, you watch a separate video where an instructor will show you how to play different parts of a song. This can be especially frustrating during practice modes that rely on the program to "hear" you play a note before moving on to the next. Flowkey lets you sign up and preview piano lessons and courses for free. After the basic courses, this app offers 27 total lessons, and they are divided into two tracks: Soloist and Chords. It has 2 paths you can follow as you learn: piano … On this screen, the sheet music scrolls across the screen as it does with Flowkey. Happy playing! Sheet music for the song you're playing will scroll along the bottom of the screen. And lastly, Simply Piano also has "five-minute workouts," which are short exercises designed to reinforce course concepts. In the upper left-hand corner, you can browse songs by category, … Comparing Flowkey vs. simply piano or with Youtube helps a learner choose the best option. Simply piano also has several features that can help you learn piano more easily. flowkey – Learn piano with the songs you love, Four Basic Piano Chords to Quickly Learn New Songs, 5 beautiful piano pieces to make people fall in love, Learn notes, chords, accompaniment & more – faster than ever, Practice more effectively thanks to instant feedback. The Simply Piano song library isn't quite as expansive as the one offered by Flowkey. It has a good layout and is easy to navigate. Some of the most useful ones are the three practice modes it offers: However, Flowkey also has a few other features to make practice easier. While an on-screen keyboard can be useful for trying out the app, it's not great for long-term learning. This web-based piano method uses popular music to teach musical concepts like reading music and chords, and works with your computer or iOS device to make sure you’re playing the right … The Chord track will teach you to play some of the main chords used in popular songs. In fact, Flowkey offers a better understanding of scales, chords, and helps you learn reading sheet music better. If you have a goal of being a professional piano … Fast and fun way to learn, play and master the Piano, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, or Singing / … The Winner: In this comparison, we think Simply Piano wins because of its extra practice features. If you're ready for a subscription to Simply Piano, check it out here! I have learned a lot through free youtube lessons, paid piano classes, and recently also tried Simply Piano and Flowkey. Immer mehr Menschen wollen sich nebenher mit Musik beschäftigen, scheuen aber die Ausgaben für einen Klavierlehrer. This track is great if your main goal is to accompany some of your favorite songs. However, these courses are designed to help you learn piano relatively quickly, and they can provide you with a decent start. From reading music to mastering chords and playing all the great hits – flowkey will help you become the pianist you always wanted to be in no time. Aimed at everyone from beginners to more experienced pianists, Simply Piano offers courses that are broken down into a series of lessons. With flowkey, you learn to play beautiful piano music from the very beginning. Flowkey is a multi-platform piano learning app to learn and add pieces to your repertoire. Flowkey's library goes beyond that of most piano learning sites -- in addition to pop and classical music, you can learn music from games, Asian pop, jazz, music from films and TV, and more. Notably, unlike many piano apps, you can also use it on a Chromebook. Simply Piano. Works with your real piano … You get to learn on your own schedule, and you can save money compared to the cost of taking in-person piano lessons. To get started you will need a real piano or midi keyboard. Click here to read the full review of Flowkey. Playground Sessions vs Flowkey – Better for Piano Learners? Flowkey has a very large song library -- you can access over 1,000 songs. It works with any piano or keyboard. Simply Piano does online piano lessons a little differently. Flowkey is available as an app for tablets or … Simply Piano has a slightly different pricing structure. However, it's important to note that players using both platforms have complained that this feature doesn't always work. Required fields are marked *. Some players prefer a metronome when learning piano, but others prefer to practice without. The Winner: We like that Flowkey lets you see the song being played by a pianist as you practice. Flowkey will also work with any USB keyboard or MIDI keyboard. The Soloist track is more in line with traditional piano courses -- you'll learn scales, playing with both hands, sight-reading, and more. I used to play the piano when i was 13... Now i am 34 and my life is different. You can start with a seven-day free trial to help you see if this is the app for teaching you to play the piano. The Winner: Thanks to its more in-depth curriculum, we think that Flowkey wins this one. This is ideal for holding you accountable -- you don't have the option of simply skipping a song that gets too difficult. How Flowkey Teaches you to Play Piano Flowkey will help you learn new pieces, without the aid of a teacher or having to buy sheet music. Users are free to explore the … Both sites can use your device microphone to "listen" for the notes you play and then offer instant feedback. This way you'll learn to play your favourite songs faster than ever. These lessons don‘t require any prior knowledge and are perfect for adults who have never played piano before. You don't have to just choose one track or the other, though -- you can take both if you like. Simply Piano will work with a USB or MIDI keyboard, and it also has an on-screen keyboard. This is also an important consideration -- you'll want to make sure apps for playing the piano will work with your device. Flowkey will work with just about every smartphone or tablet regardless of whether it's an Apple or an Android product. You also have the option to sort by both genre and ability level, which is ideal for the piano beginner. If you want to start playing the piano with Simply Piano, your options are a little more limited. Notably, Simply Piano does have sheet music you can download and print. It is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. flowkey provides you with piano lessons online that can check if you play along correctly. Flowkey is a multi-platform piano learning app that helps you learn and add pieces to your repertoire. This section consists of ten online piano lessons for newcomers that will take you from zero to playing great hits with both hands. After that, you can purchase a 3-month subscription for $59.99, a 6-month subscription for $89.99, or a year-long subscription for $119.99. Flowkey is the best piano app that you can access on your PC, MAC, and any iOS or Android devices to teach you songs. JoyTunes is well-known for creating several music-related applications but Simply Piano … As you learn each song, the app will break it into smaller sections to prepare you to play it in its entirety. Lots of piano learners love Flowkey for its many different learning modes -- you can practice one hand at a time, loop lessons for repeated practice, set your own tempo, and more.